comfort your little one with a feeling of closeness


At Hugsy we develop comfort and care products that give children the feeling of being close to their parents. Our designs are evidence based and clinically tested and provide young children with their parent's unique heartbeat, soothing smell, and feeling of support. 

The Hugsy Home Care line features 3 products: the Hugsy Heartbeat, the Hugsy Pouch, and the Hugsy Cuddle - to meet the needs of children aged 0-4 years old. 



meet the hugsy® home care line


Hugsy Pouch (0-4 months)

The Hugsy Pouch is a snug swaddling blanket used to support kangaroo care cuddle sessions, and prolong the benefits even when you can't be near. The organic textile absorbs your scent when cuddling, and together with the Hugsy Heartbeat, provides your scent, heartbeat, and feeling of support in the crib. 

Hugsy Cuddle (0-4 years)

A product for older babies and toddlers that keeps your little one nice and comfortable. The detachable body can be used as a scent-cloth, and the Hugsy Heartbeat fits snuggly in the little bear's head. Provides your soothing scent and heartbeat 24/7.

Hugsy Heartbeat

The Hugsy Heartbeat is a smart heartbeat recording device. Just put the finger sensor on during a relaxed moment, and the Hugsy Heartbeat records your heartbeat, and then reproduces your unique heartbeat sound and vibration for your little one.

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I think the Hugsy definitely has benefits, especially in the development of the little one. If you think about the heartbeat and the smell, I truly believe this can have a positive effect on the baby’s development.
— Sandra van der Zander-Kwaks, Mother of prematurely born twins
Parents and nurses working with Hugsy really don’t want to give it back.
— Astrid Osagiator, Senior NICU Nurse at Maxima Medical Center
My son was way calmer when wearing the Hugsy swaddling blanket. Not only during skin-to-skin care, but also when he was back in his crib.
— Wendy Houwen, Mother of 2 children
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