We love what we do. Here's the Hugsy story.

Hugsy was born as study project in the Industrial Design department at the Eindhoven University of Technology, nurtured by four students: Sylvie Claes, Miguel Cabral Guerra, Jiachun Du, and Lisa Smits. During this six month project, these students brought Hugsy from concept to prototype, and started testing the concept with the staff at Maxima Medical Center NICU in Veldhoven. After highly positive feedback, Sylvie, Miguel, and Jiachun went on to conduct a clinical trial with 20 premature infants in the Maxima Medical Center together with medical researcher Deedee Kommers.

How Hugsy evolved from student project to company

After successfully attending the dutch and dubai design weeks, winning design awards, and participating in a clinical trial, Sylvie Claes decided that Hugsy had the potential to be more than a student project, and was driven to bring Hugsy to babies around the world to help improve their well-being. This is when Sylvie met Jody van den Tillaart, a marketing professional and mother of four. Sylvie and Jody’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject clicked immediately, and they decided to co-found Hugsy as a company. Together with the help of the original student team, they entered HighTechXL with Hugsy, a hardware accelerator based on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven to bring Hugsy from student project to a sustainable business, and create a flying start for their company.

The future of Hugsy

After successfully completing the accelerator program, Hugsy raised the first seed investment round through Leapfunder, and added more great people to the team to make their mission a success. Hugsy has big plans for this year: after a limited edition sale of 99 Hugsy’s for full-term babies, continued clinical trials with premature babies in hospitals, a full-scale consumer rollout in the Netherlands at the start of 2018, with plans following to approve Hugsy as a medical device for large scale rollout in hospitals where Hugsy can make a big difference in the lives of premature babies. Our next big milestone is launching the Hugsy Home product line on Kickstarter in November of 2017.

Hugsy’s dream is to support and promote kangaroo care for all babies, both premature and full-term, to improve their development and parent-child bonding! You can follow our exciting journey in the start-up world on our blog section, via our newsletters (subscribe below), or, check us out on facebook!