Hugsy Hospital

Kangaroo care is of vital importance for a baby's healthy development. Babies who are born prematurely often need to spend weeks or months in an incubator, away from their parents. Hugsy supports kangaroo care in the hospital, and continues to provide the benefits of this care within the incubator, so that these vulnerable babies can receive the best comfort and care possible. 

Hugsy smart blanket for premature baby in the NICU

Kangaroo Care

Hugsy is used to comfortably transfer babies in and out of the incubator by keeping them warm and secure, and is used on a parent's chest to keep parent and baby safe and sound during kangaroo care.

Hugsy heartbeat recording

Heartbeat Recording

By wearing the Hugsy Pouch during kangaroo care, the soft fabric absorbs a parent's comforting smell. At the same time, the Hugsy Heartbeat can be used to record a parent's unique heartbeat. 

Premature baby wearing a Hugsy smart blanket inside the incubator

Incubator Care

Hugsy goes back into the incubator with the baby after kangaroo care, to keep babies supported, while containing the warmth, smell, and heartbeat of their parents. They can fall asleep feeling nurtured and supported, like they are back in their parents arms. 

Hugsy is not available on the hospital market yet. We're continuing to test Hugsy in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the Netherlands, while preparing for final production. We don't expect Hugsy to be ready for hospitals before the second half of 2018. Are you a parent of a premature infant who would like to use Hugsy? Then take up contact with us on our contact page, or inform your local hospital about our product, and refer them to our webpage!