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Hugsy Home is designed to bring comfort to babies in a home environment between 0-3 months old. Hugsy promotes kangaroo care between a parent and little one, and makes those benefits last longer in the crib by recreating the feeling of being embraced by a parent, surrounding the baby with a parent's comforting smell, and playing back their unique heartbeat. 

The Hugsy blanket is already available in our webshop in a limited edition. The blanket including the Hugsy heartbeat module will be on pre-sale in the fall of 2017. Sign up for our newsletter if you would like to receive a heads up about that!

Hugsy smart baby blanket used during kangaroo care / skin to skin moments


Promotes Kangaroo Care

Hugsy promotes kangaroo care moments between parent and baby. Mom or dad can hold their baby skin to skin on their chest, while the Hugsy blanket is used as a warm supportive wrap, which absorbs a parent's comforting smell. 


Heartbeat Recording

Studies have proven the benefits of heartbeat sounds in calming infants, and improving brain development. The Hugsy Heartbeat Module records a parent's unique heartbeat during kangaroo care, and the Hugsy Algorithm translates that heartbeat into an audible heartbeat sound and vibration. 

Hugsy smart baby blanket heartbeat recording

Hugsy continues to provide comfort and care in the crib with a parent's heartbeat, smell and warmth


Continuous Comfort 

Kangaroo care is vital for a baby's healthy development, but we know that parents can't be there 24/7. Hugsy supports kangaroo care moments between a parent and baby, and lets the positive effects of that care last. When a baby is in the crib, the Hugsy Blanket can be wrapped to recreate the feeling of being hugged, surrounds the baby with their parents smell captured in the blanket, and the unique heartbeat sound and vibration of their parents can be played back.